Ästhetische Medizin der neuen Generation
Aesthetic medicine of the new generation

About us

M1 Akademie

For more than 10 years, the M1 Akademie represents expertise and innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Since 2012, we have been providing our valuable experience as a private training centre to doctors and specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. The main focus of our training courses is on new treatment procedures and techniques as well as product presentations for minimally invasive and surgical aesthetic medicine.

ästhetische Schulungen

We set the standards

Latest treatment methods

M1 Akademie sets new educational standards for the constantly growing field of minimally invasive treatments. Experienced doctors specialised in aesthetic treatments teach the latest treatment methods not only in theory, but also give course participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learnt directly on site under professional medical supervision and guidance on live models.

M1 Kliniken AG

A leader in beauty treatments

The M1 Akademie is part of M1 Kliniken AG, the leading private provider of beauty medicine health services in Germany. Under the brand "M1 Med Beauty", we operate a worldwide network of almost 30 outpatient specialist centres for beauty treatments as well as a specialist surgical clinic.

medizinische Schönheitsbehandlungen

Quality in a growing market

Aesthetics is a question of knowledge

Breast augmentation, liposuction and minimally invasive treatments with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers are among the most popular procedures and treatments worldwide. Due to the increasing popularity of botox and fillers, more and more physicians and medical professionals are striving to become active in this field.

An experience family

Experts on their field

The highest standards for our customers

We want to offer our customers beauty care at the highest level, which is why we only work with qualified and experienced doctors. Our 95 professional M1 doctors and plastic surgeons perform more than 270,000 treatments annually and are experts in their respective fields. Whether our clients decide on an injection with hyaluronic acid or muscle relaxant or want to undergo cosmetic surgery - M1 Med Beauty is perfect for pour clients' personal needs.

The M1 Academy organizes regular training courses so that our clients always receive the latest and best treatment methods. The lecturers of the M1 Academy pass on their knowledge to the course participants and teach them the high art of aesthetic medicine and the independent approach to the patient.

Our promise

We convey quality –
techniques and expertise to physicians

We offer training for doctors, dentists and other medical professionals. Our training courses prepare you for your work in aesthetic medicine and provide you with practical experience, different techniques and approaches as well as detailed complication management. Each M1 Academy training course is divided according to your needs and reflects our many years of experience.

The M1 Academy can be found in Germany, the UK, Austria, the Netherlands and Australia.